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Genevieve Seyarona Kristinna Wolf

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Character sheet
Age: Forever 23
Species: Ghost || Emotion manipulator
Partner:: Love is just another play toy made by God.
BerichtOnderwerp: Genevieve Seyarona Kristinna Wolf do dec 24, 2015 4:14 pm

L'amour est juste un autre jouet de jeu faite par Dieu


    Full Name: Genevieve Seyarona Kristinna Wolf
    Nickname: Vieve
    Age: 23 years
    DoB: October 11th
    PoB: London
    Height: 174 cm
    Weight: 65 kg
    Bloodtype: AB
    Pieces: Ghost / Emotion Manipulater
    Soul colour: Grey
    Sexe: Female
    Partner: I had enough for a few ages
    Crush: x
    Sexuality: Bi-sexual

      - Manipulating others
      - Night
      - Teasing


      - Sunlight
      - Ignorant people
      - Witches


    Genevieve was a beatifull woman that lived in the Victorian age. The Victorian age is mostly recognizable because of the many weird etiquettes it had and the difference in society it had. Genevieve was a woman loved by many. She was pretty, social and very good in manipulating others. This, however, was without the powers she currently has. She could mannipulate others so well, that they would fall in love with her. The gender didn't matter. She didn't like the standards of the rich and so she did the thing that was banned: she had more lovers than one. As a rich girl it was standard to marry the man that was chosen by her parents. However, once she was married, she still continued having affairs with other people. Her husband discovered this secret and once he did he searched for a way to punish her once and for all. He found another woman. A woman that claimed to be a witch. He didn't really trust the words she said, but he was desperate. And as desperate he was, he asked the woman for help. The woman fell in love with the man and agreed to help him. She murdered Genevieve and cursed her soul. Her body is gone, but her soul will keep living forever. The witch, however, did die at a certain point. And the curse that the witch placed on Genevieve made it happen that some of the powers were placed from the witch' body to Genevieve's soul. The powers made it happen that Genevieve could keep manipulating others better than before. She had gain the power to manipulate other's feelings.


    Genevieve is only visible in the night or in the shadows. Once she enters the sunlight she just turns invisible. If you see her, she mostly wears a white with black victorian-like dress. She has blonde hair that is mostly pinned up and big blue eyes. Her body is a little transparent. You can not touch her. She basically feels like air.


    Genevieve is a sneaky girl. She isn't very trustworthy, but mostly act like she is. She loves to manipulate others and to make others her slave. She acts like she doesn't need anyone or anything, but in fact she's very lonely but doesn't dare to connect with someone since she's immortal. On top of that she can't be with someone in a romantic way anymore since you can not touch her. She likes to scare people and to creat chaos or drama between creatures.

© Sykes
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Genevieve Seyarona Kristinna Wolf
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