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Lady Sylphide of the Neverending Woods

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Woonplaats : Gallifrey

Character sheet
Age: 16 Summers long I've ventured this world
Species: Huldra
Partner:: I know I'm pretty, but, shut up!
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The woods are Lovely,
Dark and Deep.
But I have Promises to keep,
And Miles to go before I sleep.
Danger is Real, Fear is a Choice.

Full Name: Sylphide Jomfru {Sil fie de} {jom fruu}
Nickname: Syl, Guardian of the Forest, Priestess of light, Lady Sylphide of the Neverending Woods
Gender: female
Age: 16
Species: Huldra
Soul Color: Grey

Sylphide is a very curious girl, eager to learn new things. Despite her Huldra nature, she isn't realy into flirting and guys, she'd rather swim. Though she is a very social and light hearted person, she hasn't met many human creatures in her life, and lived most of her years in the little viliage she was born in. because of that, she might not understand jokes, and is offended quickly, though she'll understand it as soon as it is explained. she hates the touch of a human-like creature, but will endure it if she must. If she allows you to touch her heart through her hollow back, she would die for you, and trusts you with her life. She is kind, and will always help when asked, but to humans she is shy.

if you see her, she is propably bearfoot, wearing a white flowing dress with wide sleeves, either that or something more viking-ish. she has bright blue eyes and long flowing lightblonde hair, which is usualy loose on her back. speeking of wich, her back is like a hollow tree, a gap ables anyone to reach in and grab her heart. her tail is cow like, but way longer, with a fluffy dash of hair at the tip. if in dnager, she can use it as a whip. like her tail, her ears have a dash of fluff at the top, they are also quite pointy and she likes to wear a ring in one of them. she can appear as herself, a younger version, and an adult version. laten she will be capable of shifting into animals to. When she is alone, she usualy just walks around naked, that is how she was born, that is how she likes to live. if she meets humanoids, she usualy puts on clothes, so they won't embarrass themselves around her due to her beautifull looks.

Like most Fey, Sylphide can't take Iron and salt. they burn her skin, and if they stay on to long her skin might melt away. Hidden in a cave in an unknown location, she has a young, eight legged horse, Sleipnir. she loves to dance, and if she's angry or hurt, the best way to calm her is to play music.


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Lady Sylphide of the Neverending Woods
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