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Fortuna, the "devilish" angel

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Character sheet
Age: 18
Species: Avenging angel
Partner:: No thank you...
BerichtOnderwerp: Fortuna, the "devilish" angel wo feb 10, 2016 2:20 am

Name: Fortuna

nickname: failure, Devil

She can be very stubborn and is kind of a loner. She can be nice though but  sometimes she can be a bit tricky.

avenging angel

age: 18

date of birth:: 7-2-1998

gender:[/b] female

soul colour: grey

heigth: 1m76

home: I don't really have one

appearance: She's kinda long in general and has pronounced features like her big green/gold cat eyes. She has long legs and a short upper body. She isn't skinny nor chubby or fat. But one little thing... If she gets angry her eyes turn red and her hair turns a bit lighter. She can let her wings appear and dissapear whenever she wants, but it's more difficult to let them dissapear when she's angry. She has 2 burn marks on her scalp.

history: When her mom was pregnant of her, everyone was happy... But when she was born they were shocked cause she wasn't perfect like the other angels, she had cat-like eyes and they were bloodshot red. She also had 2 horns on her head but they were cut off, the last pieces were pulled out of her head and they burned the places where her horns were cause then they wouldn't grow back. She was a disgrace to them... Her mom hated to see her suffer but couldn't say the truth, Fortuna only knows her father is a demon, but not that he's a very powerfull one. She has tried many times to find her father, each time it has fails. But she hasn't given up yet.

extra: Fortuna can handle a weapon. She can make weapons out of (almost) any material. She can compel a person but she rather not. She can also heal a person from physical complains.
She got a moon stone from her mother and that's the only thing that she holds dear, she has made a necklace with it (it hangs on a piece of string) and she always has it near her.
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Fortuna, the "devilish" angel
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