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Taiga, The small girl with a tiger spirit

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Woonplaats : i have lived here and i have lived there, never sure where i'll end up next

Character sheet
Age: 17
Species: Shapeshifter: Tiger, small or normal height
Partner:: I don't believe in love
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» Taiga «

Name: Taiga
Last Name: Aisaka
Nickname: Palmtop Tiger, call me that and you won’t be able to sit for a whole month
Age: 17
Date of birth: 27/07/1998
Height: 1m45, one word about my height and you’re dead
Soul colour:Black
Home: None of Your business stalker!
Sexual Orientation: Not that it matters but i’m straight


Species: I’m a shapeshifter. I can change into a tiger, two kinds actually. Normally and also most of the time when i shift i change into a small tiger, something that has to do with the fact that i’m not the tallest. That’s also part of the reason why people started to call me the palmtop tiger. That, the reason that i won’t hesitate to hurt you, and the fact that everyone is plain stupid and because of that they think of stupid nicknames. Anyways, besides that little, pathetic tiger there are also these moments where i shift into a tiger of normal size. This happens when i get really, really angry. And with really angry i mean the kind of angry where i am dead set on killing you, not just hurt you. But this doesn’t happen a lot because i don’t really shift that much
Appearence: Okay, listen and listen carefully because this will be the only time that i will say this, EVER. I am short. Not just a little bit short, but quite a lot short. Not that i give a damn, i still stand strong with my head helt high and i will NOT have a stupid dog see me as weak. I may stand at 1m45 but this proves nothing. Because even though i may be shorter than you are, i will fight you and i will show you who’s the strongest one.But not only my height makes people underestimate me. Because coupled with that i also have a face that is filled with innocence and even beauty. My whole apperance has been described as cute and doll-like a number of times and people van even mistaken me for a child. Kids have even mistaken me for a child. My body is actually kinda under-Developed. Because of that I’m ‘flat-chested’ but i made sure that nobody can see that and nobody will know this until the day i die. I have long hair that falls past my waist in waves.I normally wear my hair loose but there are occasions where i’ll tie it up in a ponytail. I have large, dark amber eyes.
Clothes: i wear different clothes that depend on the weather and stuff like that. I don’t really care to be honest. I also don’t care if my clothes get dirty, it’s just dirt and clothes anyways. I see something that i would like to wear, i buy it. But i do prefer comfy clothes.
Weapons: I have things like knifes and such but my most trusted weapon would be my wooden katana. It’s something that i have with me most of the time and it’s my weapon of choice. Yes it’s wooden but who cares! Something doesn’t have to be Sharp to injure you. Besides that i also use the skills that i got with years of training in kendou and other fight sports. I’m also very quick and agile which i use a lot


| Bold | Hard | Fighter | Sarcastic | Prideful | Cynical | Quickly angered | Aggresive | Rude | Doesn’t talk about herself |

Yep, that would be how i am. Besides that i'm also always alone. i don't like you and you don't like me, that's the best way to go.


I had a family and lived happy until my mother and father divorced. Shit happened after that and i have been living on my own since i was 13. That’s all that i will tell you.


There are a lot more sides to her but nobody has taken the time to get to know her so nobody knows the soft, loyal and nice side of her that is within her. She also doesn’t show her emotions and is pretty broken on the inside. The more you get to know her the more you will discover about her. That's also why this sheet can change over time.

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Taiga, The small girl with a tiger spirit
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