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Alex, The girl who does not speak

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Character sheet
Age: 16, soon to be 17
Species: i am part shifter and something else that i can not say
Partner:: can you give me my voice back?
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» Alex «

Name: My Name? Oh, that’s easy. People call me Alex
Last Name: unfortunately i can not tell you this as it is as big of a mystery for me as it is for you
Nickname: I have been called many things, a freak, ugly, fat, a mistake, mute, but i don’t really consider them nicknames. But who knows, maybe one day i’ll get one?
Age: 16 years i have been on this planet
Date of birth: i was born on June 21st 1999
Height: I'm not small nor am i tall, just an average 1m65
Soul colour: To be honest, i don’t know. Maybe grey, maybe black, or maybe white, who knows? At the moment i found my home by the white people though, not that they actually notice me.
Home: oh, i don’t really have one at the moment, but i love the forest
Sexual Orientation: Well, if i can tell you the truth…i don’t really know. To know this i should first get to know some people. (Hetero)


Species: I am a shifter, well, partly a shifter. You see, i don’t actually know what i am. All i know is that my mom was a shifter, a beautiful woman with alway a set of white fox ears and a white tail, with big, golden eyes that could look straight through you and read your soul. But for me, i only got half of that. All i can do is grow a big, soft tail and a pair of big ears, fennec features actually. And my eyes, they change too. They get this pure, blue colour with s sparkle of violet. That’s it actually, well, almost it at least. I never knew what my dad was, i never knew my dad. But i do know he wasn’t ordinary. And i do know that he also left me something. When i walk at night and i walk into the beautiful glow of the moon my hair turns a silver colour. And i can do stuff, stuff others can’t do. I can understand animals and talk to them, i can make people do as i tell them. Not that i do that, never. I would never make anyone do something just because i tell them to, or in my case think. I can make flowers bloom and make light appear where there is only darkness. I can do things and i don’t know how. And when i do this my eyes change, they turn the same colour as when i wear my ears and tail, that pure blue colour with a sparkle of violet. I don’t know what this is, and i don’t know why i can do what i ca nor what the limit is. But i also don’t know if i like what i can do.
Appearence: Normally, when i am myself, no ears and no tail, no moon shining on my hair and no changing eyes. At those times i look normal, not outstanding beautiful and not especially ugly, just, normal. I have big Brown eyes and soft Brown hair that can become a big tangled mess or can be just as i want it. i have a simple haircut with bangs that i can make fall before my eyes as to hide them. My hair is long, it reaches to mid-waist but most of the time i tie it up in a ponytail or make a braid or two. Besides that i’m not the tallest, but also not the smallest. I reach a normal height of 1m65. My skin is light coloured but with a small tint of Brown mixed in it. when the sun shines and i spend a lot of time outside i sometimes end up with a light tan. As for how my body is built, like the rest of me, normal. Well, maybe i’m a little bit thinner than most girls. I have small hips and my chest also isn’t te biggest, but that doesn’t really matter to me. My hand are small and i have thin fingers, made for delicate work or when i softly caress a flower petal.all around normal as you see. Some people may have called me beautiful so now and then, but i can asure you that thats nothing, i am just normal.
Clothes: My clothes you ask? Oh, i don’t know. Just simple things i have to say. I don’t have the money for those beautiful dresses that make you shine and make every man fall in love with you. But honestly, i don’t really need those. I am good with my simple pants, jeans to be exact, sometimes a pair of shorts. And for my upper body, a simple shirt, maybe a tanktop a sweater or a hoodie, nothing too special. I do have a dress or two, just something simple that’s made of a soft material. When i do wear them i like to put some flowers in my hair, in the hope that maybe, just maybei’ll be beautiful. Of courset hat never happens, but a girl can dream, right? I also own a pair of gloves, kinda special gloves to be honest. An old man once gave them to me in exchange for a beautiful flower bouquet for his wife.These gloves are made of a firm material, made to last many years. Unfortunately these gloves do not bring a lot of warmth because they do not cover your fingers, the fabric ends just over your knuckles. But even though they do not bring any warmth, they are really useful. I love wearing them and they are good for climbing in trees and over houses. Besides that i also have a beanie and a cap that i love to wear at times. As for jewelry, no, that is something that i do not have. i once had one piece though. A simple necklace, nothing special and nothing expensive. Just a simple necklace with a charm in the form of a moon and a star. But unfortunately i do not have that anymore, it was stolen from me by a unknown person. Why, i do not know. All i know is that one day i had it and the next day it was gone.
Weapons: I carry a knife, nothing big, just a simple but very Sharp knife.


| Caring | Nice | Shy | Loner | Protective | Fiery | Hard working | Doesn’t easily trust | Different sides | Self-hate | Intelligent | Sarcastic |

What i’m like? I’m terribly sorry but i can’t answer that. Like a lot of people i have all kinds of different sides. I can be so different from one day to another, even from one hour to another. A few things that do always stand are things like the fact that i hate myself. I hate how i look and i hate how i am. I know that there are a lot of things wrong with me, i mean, there is a reason that people hate me and that they call me ugly and a freak, a mistake that shouldn’t exist, and i can’t say at all that i disagree. Something that i also am is very intelligent. I mean, how else could i have stayed in the White territory while i’m not sure that i belong here. I mean, i have so many different sides and a lot of people said that i would end up in with the grey’s. And it’s not as if i dislike them, not at all. But i know these streets and these woods. And as much as i want to explore the other places, i don’t want to leave this place, i want to stay close to the place that my mother once got to love. Even though i am intelligent and able to manipulate things, i do not really like this and i like being on my own more. Because of this i also can’t read, i never had anyone teach it to me. I also do not trust easily but that has it’s own reasons. But, back to my point, i can’t really tell you what i’m like, people always change after all and there is so much about myself that i do not know yet.


I’m very sorry, but this is not something that i want to discuss with some strangers.


Okay so, like i have said a few times, i’m normal. At least, i like to think i am. But there is something that i haven’t mentioned yet, i can’t talk. It’s not that i don’t want to, i simply can’t. This is a part of my past that i am gonna share, it’s actually how i became a mute. It has nothing to do with an accident or anything like that. The reason that i can’t talk is the fact that an old witch put a spell on my many years ago. You see, i accidentaly broke something of hers. A potion of youth that would keep her Young long enough untill she could fin dan apprentice to follow in her footsteps like she had done many, many years back when she was a little witch, still new to everything. Anyways, i accidentally broke that potion, and the witch was furious. First she wanted me to become her apprentice so she wouldn’t have to do the hard work to make that potion again. But because i’m not a witch it was impossible for me to become her apprentice. So instead she decided to punish me. She had looked into my heart and seen the hate that i felt for myself and the hate that others felt for me. She had seen how i kept away from everyone and how i never had any friends. So as a punishment and lesson she cursed me. I will be unable to speak until i open up my heart and let someone love me, the real me that i never show anyone. If someone would fall in love with me, even with the fact that i can’t speak and if i would be able to accept that fact, then and only then will i be able to talk again. But the catch is that if i fall in love but nobody loves me, then nothing would change. And as long as the person that loves me doesn’t tell me so i’ll stay mute forever. But if someone would fall in love with me and if i would be able to open my heart and accept it, then i’ll find my voice again. But i would never be able to tell the person i love about my feelings, as fort hat i have to love and accept myself First. As you can only have love for someone else if you have love for yourself. But to be honest, i don’t really care. I mean, i’m fine with not being able to talk and i’m fine on my own, even i fit can get lonely sometimes.

*Mother was actually a kitsune but she doesn’t know that

*Father is unknown and his powers are also unknown

*Alex actually isn’t a shifter but part kitsune and because of that she can make her ears and tail appear and disappear

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Alex, The girl who does not speak
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